Many variables come into play when determining the price of a cemetery marker.

  • Size                 Granite is purchased by manufacturers on a per square foot basis. The more granite that is necessary to make the marker the higher the price.

  • Shape           Shape can often be a determining factor in the cost of a memorial due to the increased amount of time and labor that may be necessary in its production.

  • Finish            The price of a certain size, shape and color marker will be affected by the amount of polished surface area it has. Typically the more polish the greater the price.         
  • Color             Availability, cost of production and location of origin will be determining factors in the price difference of certain colors

  • Artwork       Common forms of design production are laser etching, hand etching,  sand blast shape carving, sand blast flat carving and sculpting . All are techniques are priced differently and will affect final cost.

  • Inscriptions                The size and number of inscriptions are also considered in final costs. With price being calculated per letter or per square foot depending on the manufacturer.

  • Foundation                A concrete foundation is necessary for all upright markers. The foundation is typically the same footprint as the base of the marker and 36” to 42” deep. Flush /ground level markers are often installed with only and sand and gravel foundation which allows for ease of future adjustments in the leveling of the marker.